Mister and Miss Information

Mister & Miss Information


It has been surprising to us how polarizing Zero Carry® has become amongst some in the concealed carry community. We hope to clear up a few things in this post.


To begin, we have stated which types of concealed carriers Zero Carry was designed for. In spite of it being listed everywhere (packaging, website, Facebook) some still choose to ignore it, and compare apples to busses. Just for fun, here are some of the more colorful responses we’ve received:

You'll Shoot Yourself!!!


Remember folks, guns don’t kill people, holsters do… FACT: It’s impossible to properly use Zero Carry and shoot yourself.

Stupid People...


This guy also stated he was a “certified trainer.” I wonder if he calls all of his new trainees “stupid people.”

Firefights Everywhere!!!


Good thing this guy had time to post a comment – in between all of the firefights in his town. Fact is, we agree with him – too bad he probably disagrees with us agreeing with him. P.S. I’d move away from whatever town this guy apparently lives in. #Fahllujah,USA

And our all-time fave...


So… you’re saying that ALL training should lead to EVERYONE graduating to always carrying cocked and locked?
We should introduce you to several US states, prison staff, militaries of some large countries, and a whole league of soccer moms who would beg to differ. 

We, at Zero Carry, can appreciate the concern presented by these comments – yet, we feel these commenters could have saved valuable typing energy by:

  1. Asking the question, “Hey, did I read ANYTHING about who Zero Carry was made for?”
  2. Consider that you aren’t the only cowboy in the world carrying a gun.The following should act as a helpful nudge in the right direction.


In developing Zero Carry, we had one goal in mind – to design a product that would allow someone to carry their firearm with the least amount of bulk possible. We also took into deep consideration that the concealed carry community is more vast, diverse, and as educated as ever. Zero Carry was developed as the first holster to target a specific niche within the concealed carry community – those who prefer to carry without a round chambered in their firearm.

With many different methods of carry (also referred to as “Conditions” of carry) we built the lightest, least bulky holster especially for this class of concealed carrier. Yay! You get your very own holster.  🙂

With that said, we can confidently state that someone who commonly carries their firearm with a round chambered is:

  1. Not encouraged to buy Zero Carry unless you are interested in carry without a round chambered.
  2. Not the target market we have design Zero Carry for.

Although this info is stated all over our product, website and Facebook page, some people within this category of carriers still chooses to comment, very loudly, about Zero Carry being used with a chambered round. That’s alright though, we like shooting down those comments just about as much as we like shooting guns.

So how do you carry? >>  Let us know in our 2-question survey.

In Part II of this series, we’ll shed some light on the growing community of concealed carriers, and discuss how and why they carry the way they do.

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