How do you Zero Carry?

tacticoolI love guns. Always have. I remember my first toy M-16 rifle from when I was about 6 (I am sure I did not handle it in ways that would prepare me to later properly handle real guns). I remember my first .22 rifle from when I was 9. It was a bolt action, tube fed Remington (I wish I still had it). It could be found behind my bedroom door, unloaded and leaning up against the wall. My brothers and I were taught that, while you always treated a gun like it was loaded, you never brought one into the house (or car) loaded. Thank Heavens for modern, quick access, pistol safes!

I grew up target shooting and hunting in the foothills, deserts and mountains of Southern Idaho, outside, in the fresh air. The first time I shot a gun at an indoor range felt so foreign and unnatural to me that I just did not enjoy the experience. I don’t think I will ever quite get used to it. It is just not the way I was raised.

For some, having a loaded weapon in their home, car or on their body just does not feel right. I respect that. Others believe that a gun that is not “cocked and locked” is just an expensive paper weight. I understand that opinion too. Many of my friends have modern guns that are designed with redundant safety systems. Despite these great “carry” safety features and advances they refuse to carry cocked and locked. I get it. Sometimes your history, upbringing and training are deeply engrained. To those that say, “You are just carrying an expensive paper weight” I have to object. First of all, 95% of all defensive gun uses (DGU) do not involve firing of the defensive weapon at all. That is, 95% of the time, just brandishing the weapon is enough to deter the assailant. I would be willing to bet that more than half of the remaining 5% of DGUs have the luxury of an additional .4 seconds to chamber a round…

Yes, I know. We have all heard the stats of average times for a perp to charge you from 10 feet away. Yes, I know, not everyone lives in Idaho… Whether you carry cocked and locked or not, for me, I am glad all of you are out there with me, my brothers and sisters in arms. The more of us good, common, everyday people that start carrying the better. Cocked and locked, or not.


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